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SPX Series Center Control Rider capacity 6,000-8,000 lb.
Exceptional operator comfort and control, longer run times from every battery charge, ease of maintenance and unmatched reliability that comes ... Learn More
CF100-CF155 Series Cushion Tire Forklift 10,000-15,500 lb. capacity
Powered by an EPA/CARB compliant V6 engine, our forklifts offer excellent fuel economy with low noise and vibration levels. In ... Learn More
TGX Series Electric Tow Tractor 10,000lb. capacity
Ideal for indoor applications with confined spaces, the TGX electric tow tractor (also known as a tow tugger) can maneuver ... Learn More
PD6 Series (Diesel) capacity 13,000-22,000 lb. (PFD40M-PFD70M)
The PFD135-PFD220 models are in our PD6 Series of diesel forklifts and are designed to deliver maximum uptime no matter ... Learn More
WSX Series Walkie Staddle Stacker capacity 3,000-3,500 lb
With lift heights of up to 18 feet and fluid, virtually effortless maneuverability — all of the performance you’re looking ... Learn More
SCX Series Stand-up Counterbalance Forklift 3,000-4,000 lb. capacity
The SCX Series of stand up electric forklifts combines extraordinary maneuverability with exceptional performance in an electric forklift that's both ... Learn More
WCX Series Walkie Counterbalance Stacker capacity 3,000-3,500 lb.
The WCX30-WCX40 counterbalanced stackers offer precise control when traveling at any speed and when retrieving or putting away loads. Learn More
TX-M Series 3- Wheel Electric Forklifts capacity 3,000-4,000 lb. (TX30M-TX40M)
The TX30M-TX40M three-wheel electric counterbalance forklift series sets the standard for highly maneuverable, versatile 3-wheel forklifts. Faster travel, lift, and ... Learn More
NOMAD Series Pneumatic Forklift capacity 3,000-5,000 lb. (AF30-AF50)
The Class V AF30-AF50 LP/dual fuel Nomad is the most unique vehicle of its kind and is ideally suited where ... Learn More

New Forklifts & Equipment

CFE maintains a substantial inventory of new forklifts. Our goal is to have the right piece of equipment available to meet each customer’s needs. Our expert sales staff is available to help you identify the particular requirements of your business, and work with you to find the specific truck to best meet your need.

We have access to a full range of Internal Combustion and Electric powered forklifts, built to the most exacting standards by some of the world’s leading manufacturers. We can provide you with equipment that lifts loads from a thousand pounds to more than two hundred and fifty thousand pounds. This equipment can work inside or outside, in a wide variety of work environments. We also represent lines that enable employees to work on the ground or at heights up to one hundred feet above the ground. We can help you move personnel and materials throughout your entire work environment.

We carry forklifts that range in capacity from 3,000 lbs to 150,0000 lbs. This equipment spans the following types of equipment:

  • Internal Combustion Powered Counterbalanced Forklift – Cushion Tires
  • Internal Combustion Powered Counterbalanced Forklift – Pneumatic Tires
  • Electric forklifts
  • Electric counterbalanced trucks
  • Rider order picking trucks
  • Walkie order picking trucks
  • Reach trucks
  • Walkie stackers
  • Rider stackers
  • Walkie low lift trucks
  • Rider low lift trucks
  • Towing tractors
  • Hand pallet trucks
  • Fuel cell forklifts
  • Sideloaders
  • Telescopic handlers
  • Articulated very narrow aisle counterbalanced trucks
  • Guided very narrow aisle truck
  • Truck-mounted forklifts / sod loader
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