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TGX Series Electric Tow Tractor 10,000lb. capacity

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Ideal for indoor applications with confined spaces, the TGX electric tow tractor (also known as a tow tugger) can maneuver in even the most congested areas.

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Model Basic Capacity (lbs) Maximum Fork Height ² Voltage (or Fuel Type) Length To Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in) ¹ Gross Weight (lbs) ¹
TGX20B 10,000 0 24 0 35.1 55.7 1,195
TGXE20B 10,000 0 24 0 35.1 55.7 1,270

Our AC Motor Does More For Less

Greater torque and faster speeds are only the beginning of what our proven 5.2 HP brushless AC drive motor delivers. This 24V system features an advanced motor controller/AC inverter that distributes consistent power as needed to the AC drive motor or the heavy-duty DC pump motor.  The result? Consistently high performance across the battery range, with longer run times between charging.

Protection of Key Components

Unique steer race and enclosed frame design help keep major components protected — including drive motor, controller, and hydraulic system — resulting in less maintenance and longer life.

Keep Your Business Rolling

Heavy duty, yet simple caster design is well protected within the confines of the frame, but allows easy access greasing during maintenance.

Control Freak

Requiring significantly less effort versus twist grip controls, our thumb-operated rotary controls allow the operator to easily adjust travel and direction from either side of the truck.

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