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Get Forklift Training From Certified Experts


The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 includes a provision that states, “only trained and authorized operators will be permitted to operate a powered industrial truck.”  CFE is proud to go above and beyond the standard when it comes to OSHA training.  An operator without proper certification can pose a risk to the safety of himself and the workers around him. He’s as dangerous as a driver without a license.  Our Operators Training Program not only aims to qualify operators with the required certification, but more importantly, it strives to teach proper and safe operating skills.  Training consists of 3 parts: classroom lectures, actual hands-on driving and performance evaluation.  Our teachers are not only able to train the operators, but are also certified to train a trainer if that suits your needs.  We offer flexible scheduling.

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One major step in the safe and efficient operation of your fork truck is completing a pre-shift inspection before EVERY shift.  Many accidents can be avoided by taking a few minutes to complete.  Here are pre-inspection sheets that ever operator should have:

IC Lift Checks

Electric Lift Checks


In an effort to promote safe habits, it is important that your management team keeps a watch over operator’s performance.  Reviews are recommended as frequently as possible.  Below is a form that your foreperson, supervisor or manager should complete after each shift:

Operator Evaluation

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