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PD6 Series (Diesel) capacity 13,000-22,000 lb. (PFD40M-PFD70M)

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The PFD135-PFD220 models are in our PD6 Series of diesel forklifts and are designed to deliver maximum uptime no matter how difficult the environment or the challenge.

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Model Basic Capacity (lbs) Maximum Fork Height ² Voltage (or Fuel Type) Length To Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in) ¹ Gross Weight (lbs) ¹
PFD135L 13,000 118 Diesel 141.1 78.9 100.4 18,982
PFD135 13,000 118 Diesel 141.1 78.9 100.4 19,114
PFD155L 15,500 118 Diesel 143.9 78.9 100.4 18,962
PFD155 15,500 118 Diesel 143.9 78.9 100.4 21,032
PFD175 17,500 118 Diesel 158.5 85.6 104.7 25,375
PFD220 22,000 118 Diesel 167.9 88.4 104.7 28,462

Large IC Pneumatic Diesel Model

Versatility and Value

This heavy-duty forklift is built for some of the biggest and toughest jobs as well as lifting and hauling heavy loads with amazing speed, productivity and reliability. The PD6 also delivers a low cost of ownership while offering low emissions.

More Power with Lower Fuel Consumption

The PD6’s new Kubota engine provides power while reducing fuel consumption. In addition, the engine’s turbocharger creates more power by compressing the inlet air and forcing it into the chamber. This constant pressure boost occurs over the entire rpm range, for greater torque at even low speeds.

Kubota Engine

Steer Axle

Greater Maneuverability

With rugged, dual drive pneumatic tires, the PD6 lift trucks offer ground hugging traction and smooth handling even when traveling over rough terrain. The hydrostatic power steering system also provides superb maneuverability with fast, precise response to navigate loads through tight areas.

Breathe Easier

At the heart of the PD6 is an all new Kubota V3800 engine, one of the most powerful, durable and efficient diesels in its class. This turbocharged, electronically controlled engine pours out massive torque at low rpm — producing very low emissions. We’ve matched this rugged power plant with an arsenal of proven components, like a rugged transmission, triple hydraulics and an extra-large cooling system — all to turn the power of the PD6 into profits for your business.

Emissions Technology

Comfort Zone

The PD6 features enhancements throughout its design to help reduce operator fatigue, while improving operator performance. It begins with a spacious compartment, excellent visibility and ergonomically designed and logically positioned controls.

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