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NOMAD Series Pneumatic Forklift capacity 3,000-5,000 lb. (AF30-AF50)

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The Class V AF30-AF50 LP/dual fuel Nomad is the most unique vehicle of its kind and is ideally suited where both indoor and outdoor forklifts are needed. Its compact chassis provides tight handling and greater maneuverability inside the warehouse, while solid pneumatic tires deliver reliable performance out in the yard across improved surfaces.

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Model Basic Capacity (lbs) Maximum Fork Height ² Voltage (or Fuel Type) Length To Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in) ¹ Gross Weight (lbs) ¹
AF30 3,000 130 Gas/LP/Dual Fuel 83.9 40.7 83 5,860
AF35 3,500 130 Gas/LP/Dual Fuel 85 40.7 82.7 6,245
AF50 5,000 131.0 Gas/LP/Dual Fuel 92.9 46.3 82.3 7,910

Nomad IC Pneumatic Forklift

Versatility and Value

Outdoors, the Nomad is a rugged workhorse that’s ideal for demanding applications on any improved surface. Indoors, it’s a highly agile machine that easily maneuvers in tight spaces — but its unique capability to move from one environment to the other is what really sets it apart. 

Dual-Fuel Flexibility

The Dual-Fuel model’s GK21 engine is powered by gas or LP — for high power and low emissions indoors and out.

Comfortable Seat

IC Cushion Tire Compact Design

Solid Performance Advantages

The solid pneumatic tires enable the Nomad to work on a variety of surfaces — from the factory floor to the loading dock and work yard. The Nomad also maintains higher capacity retention than similarly sized pneumatic forklifts while it virtually eliminates flat tires.

Breathe Easier

Whether you choose our LP or dual-fuel engine, our legendary GK21 provides the ultimate combination of power, torque, and low emissions.

Engine Service Intervals

Fork Visibility

Big Time Comfort

The Nomad may be compact on the outside, but it provides plenty of foot, leg and head room inside.

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UniCarriers Platinum II Nomad series of IC forklifts are the only forklift that offers the versatility of indoor maneuverability with outdoor traction!

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