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In purchasing a new or used forklift, there are a number of specifications you should consider to selecting the appropriate lift.  In many cases, a complimentary site evaluation by one of our Sales Professionals can provide great value to your operation.  The correct specifications will maximize the productivity of your equipment, reduce product and facility damage, and create the safest work environment.


The basic criteria below will be helpful to understand your material handling needs. The maximum load weight is crucial to determine the correct lift.  We strongly recommend an accurate weight reading.  Oversized lifts can cause operational problems including damage to your facility and additional cost.  Undersized lifts will pose a safety issue.  Please keep in mind, all forklifts will de-rate as the load is lifted higher.  Load capacity at higher levels should always be considered when stacking your heaviest loads.

  • Load to be handled (maximum weight & dimensions)?
  • Lift height required?
  • Preferred fork size?

The following facility and operational information will determine the style of lift required.  Again, we will be more than happy to schedule a visit so we can get a full understanding of your operation.

  • Driving surface description (smooth concrete/asphalt, semi-rough asphalt, rough terrain)?
  • Preferred engine/power (LP Gas, Gasoline, Diesel, Electric)?
  • Is the forklift needed to load/unload trailers or containers?
  • Does the lift need to operate on a ramp?
  • Do you have a racking system?  Aisle width?
  • Does your facility have any low height or narrow door way restrictions?

We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your material handling needs.   Please let us know if you would like to schedule a site visit so we can begin the process.  You can contact us here:


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