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The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 issued a provision for only authorized and trained operators to operate a power industrial truck. With such regulations and high demand for heavy machinery, the need for skilled operators is foreseen to skyrocket in the near future. But that’s not the only reason that operators need proper forklift certification training.

Why do operators need forklift training?

  • Operators should be experienced in handling any problems that might occur with the machines. When you work in a very dynamic environment such as a construction site, you will run into problems with the machinery. As an operator, it is crucial to diagnose and solve these problems so that the work can be completed uninterrupted.
  • As the equipment often needs to move to different sites, they should have a proper Heavy Commercial Vehicle Driving License (HCV). Getting a license is normally easier if you have certified forklift training.
  • Heavy construction equipment such as forklifts is generally highly technical and very expensive. Hence it is obvious that skilled workers are needed to handle them safely. Any negligence can cause heavy damage to the equipment, the operators, and even the people working on the site. Safety in the workplace and the job site is of utmost importance. Forklift operator training aims to teach you the proper guidelines that should be followed to avoid any accidents.
  • Operators should be able to independently operate the equipment safely. You might need to work with heavy machinery alone without a support team in many circumstances. An operator should be self-sufficient to complete the task at hand with utmost efficiency. The forklift training program teaches you valuable skills to achieve your goals with ease.
  • They should undergo apprenticeship and job training under formal supervision with the equipment that they need to handle. In the beginning, you should work in a controlled environment independently so you can make the mistakes that you need to make to learn effectively. This is best done in performance evaluations.
  • Operators should be trained in carrying out any pre-checks that may be required for proper functioning and to avoid accidents. They should be aware of various functions of the equipment and its attachments.
  • Operators should be able to store, troubleshoot, and maintain the equipment. They should be well aware of the safety procedures and requirements that have to be maintained around the workplace.

When it comes to heavy machinery such as forklifts, an operator who doesn’t have any proper certification is a risk. CFE is proud to offer operator training to help you stay one step ahead when it comes to OSHA training. CFE’s Operators Training Program aims to qualify operators with forklift certification training. It endeavors to teach safe and proper operating skills. The forklift training program is divided into three parts, classroom lectures for formal training, hands-on driving to impart practical skills, and performance evaluation. This program isn’t limited to training operators, it offers forklift certification too. To make the program more accessible, it is scheduled flexibly.



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