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Facility safety is a major concern for many employers and employees in material handling spaces, including here at CFE Equipment.  The operation of this equipment can be dangerous when certain procedures are not followed.   We all know the dangers of work place incidence to the safety of your employees; the blue light adds a warning to those around an active Forklift. A blue light is a simple solution to fighting warehouse accidents!

How it works:

A blue light can be mounted anywhere on the lift; in fact some lifts can have multiple blue lights.  The light shoots a little blue spot light onto the ground 10+ feet in front of or behind the forklift.  The bright light on the floor is clearly visible to pedestrians, machines and vehicles near the lift. Regardless of noise, it alerts those around of the presence of a forklift. Back-up alarms, often times, can blend in to the background noises of the facility.  The blue safety light stands out, and is the best way to keep people alerted to a forklifts presence.

Additional options:

In addition to blue spot lights; we offer red spot lights, blue arrow spot lights, and red side curtain hazard zone lights.  All great accessories to ensure the safety of your team!

Help prevent dangerous collisions and promote worker & pedestrian SAFETY!

Contact CFE Equipment for more information on how you can add the BLUE SAFETY LIGHT to your fleet.

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