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Forks are definitely some of the most popular attachments you can get for a forklift. But they might not always be the best attachment for each application. Forklifts are used for a wide range of tasks. There can be some loads that require individual attachments in order to successfully get the task done. If you can get forks as an alternative attachment, you can also go for some additional attachments that are easily available to help your forks do certain jobs much better, like fork positioners and side shifters.

Choosing and utilizing the right attachment as per the job at hand for your forklift can make a significant improvement in your productivity, impose lesser damage on your load and provide the forklift operator with a lot of conveniences. Here are some of the most popular attachments that you should consider for your forklift.

Forklift Attachments

Side Shifters

Side shifters are extremely popular for forklifts. These attachments basically operate in combination with the forks. Side shifters enable the operator to easily shift the direction of the forks from right to the left without having to leave their seats. This ability that enables the operators to reposition the forks can help greatly in picking up loads that may not be aligned perfectly with the forklift, saving up a lot of wear and tear that the forklift is generally exposed to. Side shifters are also available in both double and single, which means that the operators can easily handle either one or two pallets simultaneously.

Fork Positioners

Fork positioners help the forklift operator automatically adjust the distance separating the forks immediately so they can fit various pallet sizes without having to leave their seats.

Paper Roll Clamps

Paper Roll Clamps

Paper roll clamps help the operator in clamping on the sides of the roll of the paper without crushing or damaging the product. Paper roll clamps can also be used in a lot of different applications. These are the attachments of choice for when it isn’t possible to transport the load by pallet.

Flat Surface Clamps

Just as paper roll clamps, there are many flat surface clamps available and are popularly used particularly in the appliance industry in transporting appliances like refrigerators, dryers, and washers.


Rotators basically attach the forks to a rotating cover which can turn up to 360 degrees. Rotators are most frequently used where containers or bins are transported and stored. They can carry the contents in the attached bin and dump them into a different container.

Multiple Load Handlers

Multiple load handlers can double or even triple the productivity of your forklift by appending a second and the third pair of forks. These help operators in easily picking up more load at a time and in transporting more than one load simply to the side. This attachment is often seen in food and beverage handling warehouses.

Push / Pull

The push/pull attachment can help in eliminating the need itself for pallets. The loads are on plastic or cardboard slip sheets that contain a lip and the load can be pushed off by this attachment. Eliminating these pallets can help in reducing the cost and free up space in a facility. This attachment is extremely popular in particularly food-processing warehouses.


Using forklift attachments can significantly result in lowering the operator’s stress and offer higher productivity. This is not just great for the company, but it also makes the lives of your operators better. Using well-trained operators who use the appropriate attachment for any application as per your needs can save you money and time.


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