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Are you looking to buy a forklift?

Two options probably come to mind—internal combustion forklift (IC forklift) and electric forklift.

You want to make the best choice; choosing between an Internal Combustion(IC) forklift and electric forklift depends on your needs and budget since both types of forklifts come with their own benefits that we will review below.

The Benefits of Internal Combustion Forklift

Operated by diesel, LPG, CNG, or gasoline, the IC forklift works much like their car or truck engine counterparts. Here are some benefits of using an Internal Combustion forklift.

Lower Cost:

IC forklifts won’t make you break your bank. They are super affordable and cost up to 20 percent less than their electric counterparts. That’s why they are a great choice for small businesses or those who can’t afford an electric forklift.


These forklifts can be used both outdoors and indoors. They can efficiently handle heavy loads, making them ideal for a wide variety of jobs and environments without impacting their safety and efficiency.


IC forklifts can be suitable for multi-shift operation as they can be refueled easily. Generally, it can be refueled in nearly 5 minutes, making it ideal for multiple shifts.

The Benefits of Electric Forklift

Electric forklift, as the name implies, is run by electricity. They are Eco-friendly and come with a rechargeable battery. Here are some benefits of an electric forklift.

  • Reduced Costs of Ownership:

Although electric forklifts can be costlier than Internal Combustion forklifts, the cost will be redeemed later by the lower cost associated with fuel and maintenance. In other words, it requires less money over the maintenance of an electric forklift in the long run.

  • Improved Ergonomics:

Electric forklift causes mild vibrations and gives a more comfortable ride than Internal Combustion forklifts, thereby improving the ergonomics of the operator and providing comfort as well.

  • Eco Friendly:

Electric forklifts are not operated by fuel like diesel, thereby creating fewer emissions.

  • Less Maintenance and Repair:

Electric forklifts have fewer moving parts than IC forklifts, minimizing their need for constant maintenance.

So Which Forklift is Right for You?

Even knowing some of the key benefits of both Internal Combustion Forklifts and electric forklifts, choosing between the two can still be quite tricky.

Here’s how you can choose the right forklift between Internal Combustion and electric forklifts.


First, you need to decide you want to move your materials. An electric forklift is a right choice if you have indoor operations to handle. Its compact size can let you easily maneuver it between aisles. The electric forklift is also ideal for the environment.

Choose Internal Combustion forklifts if your operations are based outdoor. They are water-resistant and can be operated at full capacity.

Fueling and Refueling:

Electric forklifts rely on a battery to operate the entire system and can last 5-8 hours. You are required to charge the battery every 8 hours. It means that you need 2-3 spare batteries for multiple shifts to avoid any down time.

Internal Combustion forklifts run on fossil fuels such as gasoline, LPG, and diesel. One LPG tank can last up to 8 hours. It takes less than 5 minutes to refuel it.


The maintenance of electric forklifts is less costly to maintain than their IC counterparts. Therefore, if you are running on a small budget and can’t afford frequent maintenance’s, the electric forklift can be a great choice for your business.

Still have questions? One of our service reps would be happy to consult with you to determine what lift will best support your needs. Give us a call today!

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