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Forklifts that can lift more than 10 tons are not just for warehouses. You can use them to move bulky products from one area to another.

Forklifts that can lift more than a 10-ton turkey are becoming more and more popular as they are perfect for larger tasks. Some of these forklifts can even carry other objects, making them ideal for commercial applications.

These vehicles can be easily maneuvered and have a high lift height. They also use internal combustion engines (ICE) and cushion tires. ICE trucks are ideal for indoor applications and use diesel as fuel.

This blog will focus on some entrusted CFE forklift trucks that can lift more than 10 tons. Keep reading the blog!

80D-9 Forklifts

Hyundai has just launched its new line of diesel forklift trucks. The newly designed four-wheel counterbalance trucks.

80D-9 Hyundai Forklift

This forklift offers operator comfort and convenience, boosts productivity and facilitates maintenance.

  • SPEED UNLOADED 15.5 mph
  • ENGINE MODEL Cummins QSF3.8 Tier 4
  • Final POWER (HP RPM) 100.6hp
  • TURNING RADIUS 145.7 in

The Cummins QSF3.8 4-cylinder turbocharged engine is designed for power, reliability, and fuel economy. It is built with EPA Tier-4 Final and EU stage IV emission regulations in mind.

The rugged engine provides greater acceleration, improved grade ability, and faster travel speed in the most challenging conditions and steepest hills.

The hydraulic steering system ensures effortless and continuous steering, preventing oversteering and kickback. The Vehicle Maxim Speed Limit function enables the operator to set the speed limit between five and 12 miles per hour, allowing for increased safety.

The load indicator is an optional feature that alerts an operator when the machine is overloaded.

With the new cluster panel, the user can efficiently operate the machine and monitor the speed, direction of travel, and battery charge.

The updated cab offers greater space, a more extensive field of view, and more comfort for the user. A movable ergonomic seat offers unbeatable comfort and helps reduce fatigue for the operator.

Halogen headlights, as well as combination rear LED lights, offer more visibility under all conditions.

Rear reflectors mounted on counterweights increase worker and job site security.

FR-E Series Forklifts

Flexible when it comes to using, the FR-E Series Electric extendable lift truck by FR-E Cycle offers riggers and machinery movers a wide selection of capacity options. With a single button press, this machine’s capacity can be modified, allowing the user to adjust the setting according to the required space.

Hoist FR-E Series Forklift

This innovative extendable frame is designed to provide maximum stability at full height and extended load centers. Stackable counterweights can remove hydraulic drag with a folding boom stand while changing forks helps with the operation.

Similar to the FR-E Series of Hoist Material Handling equipment, more than 75 percent of the FR-E Series is manufactured in the USA. The remaining components are sourced from respectable companies.

  • Capacity Range: FR-E 25/35: 25,000 – 35,000 lbs. (11 – 16 tonnes)
  • Wheel Base

FR-E 25/35: 76 – 112 in. (1,900 – 2,800 mm)

  • Load Base:

FR-E 25/35: 24 in. (600 mm)

Hoist Marina Series

The Neptune Series will reduce boating and boat storage costs by offering a stylish, first-class lift truck, made especially ideal for boat and marina storage bays. The spacious cockpit and tilt steering provide ultimate comfort for the operator. The electronic joysticks and visibility allow for easy, safe handling, while quick cycle times save time.

Hoist Marina Series

While focusing on strength and comfort, we also understand that time is money. Each Neptune Series is engineered to provide optimal efficiency and fuel economy. The high-performance diesel engine from Cummins is powerful yet offers reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

  • 15,000 – 60,000 lbs. (7 – 25 tonnes)
  • 94 – 170 in. (2,400 – 4,300 mm)
  • 96 in. (2,500 mm)


This forklift has the following specifications:

  • LOAD CAPACITY- 55,000 lbs
  • TRAVEL SPEED (Unloaded)- 19.6 mph
  • POWER (HP/RPM)- 274 hp / 2,200 rpm
  • OVERALL WIDTH- 120 in
  • TURNING RADIUS- 231 in

Cummins QSL six-cylinder turbocharged engine has power, reliability, and excellent fuel economy. This engine meets EPA Tier 4 emission regulations and EU Stage IV emissions regulations.

This powerful engine offers greater acceleration, better grade ability, and faster travel speeds on the most challenging terrains and steepest slopes.

Hyundai 250D-9 Forklift

A fully automatic transmission allows for easy handling and smooth shifting. The enhanced torque converter, equipped with a stator-free wheel, provides increased fuel efficiency.

The hydraulic steering system is smooth and flexible and prevents overrun and kickback. The new cluster panel allows the operator to control the machine quickly and check speed, travel direction, and battery charge.

The new cab design offers more space, a greater field of vision, and improved operator comfort. An optional load indicator warns the operator if the machine is too full.

It is easy to access the engine compartment for quick, efficient maintenance. Hi-mate is Hyundai’s remote management system. It allows operators and service personnel to access vital information about the machine via any computer that has internet access.

Self-Diagnostic Function

If there is a system error, a wrench will appear on the screen, along with an indication of the error number. The wet disc brake system can be used almost without maintenance and is protected from water and dust.

Rearview cameras provide excellent rear visibility, and the monitor supports four camera channels for operator convenience. These powerful headlights are designed to give exceptional visibility on the job site.

Rear combination lamps with directional lights, rear lights, and brake lights can be used to provide greater safety. A durable, wide step provides added safety and convenience when you enter and exit the truck.


In conclusion, forklifts that can lift more than a 10-ton turkey are becoming more and more popular. This allows larger businesses to carry heavier items without worrying about their employees’ weightlifting ability.

With this technology, companies can save on their costs and manpower.

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