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When it comes to the operational efficiency of every organization, downtime is hands-down the biggest challenge. Even if you store the best equipment and gadgets, it doesn’t matter if your forklift cannot be operated. Downtime for a forklift can lead to dissatisfied customers, increased costs, and lost time, and must be reduced as much as possible.

Even though downtime isn’t always due to equipment failure, the ability of your business to operate and move raw products and products could be greatly hampered by it. Let us look at how you can reduce forklift downtime to enhance the operational efficiency of your business:

Retain the proper critical spare parts for your forklift

You need to maintain a vast inventory of extra parts for your forklift. This is especially helpful for the times when your forklift is unable to function. If you have the critical spare parts stored, you can greatly reduce the downtime for your forklift.

forklift operator

To determine if you have the critical spare parts for your forklift, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have extra parts that you need to purchase often?
  • If your forklift is unable to operate, do you have the parts that it requires quickly?
  • Will you need to delay or halt your business if you don’t have these parts stored?
  • How long would you need to wait to receive an extra part when ordered?
  • If a part needs to be repaired, how much time would it take?

Ensure that your forklift doesn’t get overheated

One of the main reasons for forklift downtime is overheating. If your forklift gets too hot to operate, it will be virtually impossible for your operators to use it. You can keep the heat at bay by installing operator fans in all your forklifts.

Two men operating forklift

Operator fans can be easily added to the operator cabin to keep them cool. If your operators are comfortable and cool even in the hot weather, they will be more productive. At CFE Equipment Corporation, we want the summers to be hot, not your operators.

Focus on maintaining your forklift

Just like you need to maintain other vehicles to ensure that they operate properly, you also need to take care of your forklift. Failures and breakdowns in forklifts are natural. Like other vehicles, you need to maintain your forklift periodically. Based on the model, the hours that the machine operates, and the work environment, you need to ensure that you get it maintained and serviced regularly. However, with critical spare parts, you can ensure that you have the right parts for your forklift in hand when it needs maintenance. For instance, if your forklift has fibrous material, dust, or dirt, you have to get its radiators cleaned, and filters changed frequently.

It is crucial to enhance the operational efficiency of your forklift as much as possible. You need to store the critical spare parts for your forklifts, take measures to ensure that your operators can work comfortably, and subject your forklifts to frequent maintenance. Don’t let the summer be a bummer, with CFE Equipment Corporation, you don’t need to worry about your forklift getting too hot to operate. This July, you can purchase all the critical spare parts you need to keep the heat away, such as operator fans, parts, along with installation labor, at a 10% discount. Happy Independence Day!!!

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