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GO4 series Pneumatic Forklift capacity 8,000-11,000 lb. (PF80-PF110)

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The Class V GO4 LP/diesel/dual fuel forklift series drives productivity higher while keeping operators comfortable and in control throughout a long shift.

ModelBasic Capacity (lbs)Maximum Fork Height ²Voltage (or Fuel Type)Length To Fork FaceChassis Width (in)Chassis Height (in) ¹Gross Weight (lbs) ¹
PF80HD8,000130LP/Dual Fuel/Diesel121.847.292.512,720
PF80Y(H)LP8,000130LP/Dual Fuel/Diesel121.847.292.512,890
PF80Y(H)DF8,000130LP/Dual Fuel/Diesel121.847.292.512,890
PF90HD9,000130LP/Dual Fuel/Diesel123.147.292.513,285
PF90Y(H)LP9,000130LP/Dual Fuel/Diesel123.147.292.513,390
PF90Y(H)DF9,000130LP/Dual Fuel/Diesel123.147.292.513,390
PF100HD10,000130LP/Dual Fuel/Diesel126.347.292.514,970
PF100Y(H)LP10,000130LP/Dual Fuel/Diesel126.447.292.515,185
PF100Y(H)DF10,000130LP/Dual Fuel/Diesel126.447.292.515,185
PF110HD11,000130LP/Dual Fuel/Diesel131.547.292.516,185
PF110Y(H)LP11,000130LP/Dual Fuel/Diesel131.547.292.516,300
PF110Y(H)DF11,000130LP/Dual Fuel/Diesel131.547.292.516,300

Mid-Size IC Pneumatic Application

Versatility and Value

GO4 offers features that extend service intervals, simplify servicing and continually monitor both engine and transmission performance. All to keep you going —faster, longer and stronger.

LP or Dual Fuel: The GK45 Is a Powerhouse

Powerful and highly efficient, our GK45 engine offers advanced features to drive performance and deliver rock solid reliability. These include electronic fuel injection and an engine control system that monitors key engine functions to deliver superior fuel economy with reduced emission levels. There is even an advanced Engine/ Transmission Protection and Warning System that constantly guards against overheating or loss of oil pressure.

GK45 Engine

GO4 IC Pneumatic Tire Forklift

The ZD30 Diesel – Higher Power / Lower Emissions

This turbocharged, 16-valve, double overhead camshaft diesel features electronic common rail injection, cooled exhaust gas recirculation system and closed diesel particulate filter for emission levels significantly below EPA Tier 4 standards. The ZD30 has 10% greater fuel economy than our previous model, while the Quick Glow System dramatically improves cold weather starting. The advanced Engine/Transmission Protection and Warning System also constantly guards against overheating or loss of oil pressure.

Solid Performance / Advantages

The GO4 is engineered for the toughest outdoor applications. That’s why you’ll find a solid one-piece cast steer axle—not welded—that’s sized for use on 11,000 lb. forklifts, but found across all GO4 models, regardless of lifting capacity.

Steer Axle

IC Pneumatic Tire Comfort

Comfort Zone

Operator comfort equals operator productivity. That simple fact was applied to virtually every aspect of the GO4’s design. From the spacious compartment to the logical layout of the controls, our goal was to reduce fatigue and maximize performance. The ergonomic advantages of the GO4 are easy to see…feel, touch, access, operate and appreciate.

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