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PFD Series (Diesel) capacity 4,000-7,000 lb. (PFD40M-PFD70M)

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The PFD40M-PFD70M series come standard with some of the most advanced performance, security and operator comfort features available anywhere.

ModelBasic Capacity (lbs)Maximum Fork Height ²Voltage (or Fuel Type)Length To Fork FaceChassis Width (in)Chassis Height (in) ¹Gross Weight (lbs) ¹

Versatility and Value

With a common rail fuel injection system and 3.3L EPA/CARB Diesel Tier 4 industrial engine provides exceptional versatility and power. Along with its Operator Comfort System, which isolates the operator from engine and transmission vibration, this forklift is your dependable and comfortable material handling solution. 

Our Seat Supports Your Driver and Your Productivity

The lumbar support and weight adjustments create customized comfort for the operator, while a non-cinching seatbelt allows a wider range of movement. The full suspension design absorbs shocks for a smoother, more comfortable  ride — and it’s all standard on Platinum II Series forklifts.

Comfortable Seat

Small IC Pneumatic Tire Forklift

More Power, More Efficiency

Advanced engine technology makes it possible for our 4 EG diesel engine to deliver greater torque at lower RPMs. Utilizing common rail fuel delivery and the latest technology for exhaust after treatment, this Tier 4 engine is a workhorse!

Maximum Performance

The PD drivetrain has the technology, power and certifications to perform as needed in a wide range of applications. Suited for the efficiency of today’s demanding needs, the 4EG diesel produces while being fuel efficient. The operator’s compartment is also designed to help the operator achieve optimum productivity, but with great comfort.

Engine Service Intervals

More Power, More Efficiency

Controls are logically placed and efficient to use to make the operator’s compartment more comfortable. Our generous foot room and pedal placement help contribute your operator to be more productive and less fatigued.


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