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Platinum II Series Cushion Forklift capacity 3,000-8,000 lb. (CF30-CF80)

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Our fuel management system optimizes engine operation through CAN Bus technology to provide excellent fuel efficiency and reduced exhaust emissions. Comes standard with our comprehensive engine protection system to warn of excessive heat or a severe drop in oil pressure.

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Model Basic Capacity (lbs) Maximum Fork Height ² Voltage (or Fuel Type) Length To Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in) ¹ Gross Weight (lbs) ¹
CF30 3,000 130 Gas/LP/Dual Fuel 81.9 32.4 81.1 5,980
CF35 3,500 130 Gas/LP/Dual Fuel 83.1 32.4 81.1 6,420
CFS40 4,000 130 Gas/LP/Dual Fuel 84.4 32.4 81.1 6,830
CF40 4,000 130 Gas/LP/Dual Fuel 89 36.2 82.1 7,130
CFU40 4,000 130 Gas/LP/Dual Fuel 89 36.2 82.1 7,130
CF50 5,000 130 Gas/LP/Dual Fuel 91.3 36.2 82.1 7,940
CFU50 5,000 130 Gas/LP/Dual Fuel 91.3 36.2 82.1 7,940
CF55 5,500 130 Gas/LP/Dual Fuel 93.9 40.2 82.1 8,860
CFU55 5,500 130 Gas/LP/Dual Fuel 93.9 40.2 82.1 8,860
CFS60 6,000 130 Gas/LP/Dual Fuel 95.3 40.2 82.1 9,350
CF60 6,000 130 Gas/LP/Dual Fuel 96.5 40.2 82.3 9,610
CFS65 6,500 122 Gas/LP/Dual Fuel 96.3 40.2 82.1 9,825
CF70 7,000 122 Gas/LP/Dual Fuel 98.2 40.2 82.3 10,460
CF80 8,000 122 Gas/LP/Dual Fuel 100 40.2 82.3 11,150
CF80 BOXCAR 8,000 122 Gas/LP/Dual Fuel 94.4 40.2 82.3 11,515

CF30LP IC Cushion Forklift

Up Your Uptime

When it comes to keeping your operation up and running, the Platinum II Series offers you significant advantages, beginning with a reliable cooling design, service reminders and longer maintenance intervals. Throughout the Platinum II, you will find innovative and proven protection and warning systems to help you maximize uptime, while minimizing cost.

Our Seat Supports Your Driver and Your Productivity

The lumbar support and weight adjustments create customized comfort  for the operator, while a non-cinching seatbelt allows a wider range of movement. The full suspension design absorbs shocks for a smoother, more comfortable  ride — and it’s all standard on Platinum II Series forklifts.

Comfortable Seat

CF30LP IC Cushion Forklift

Compact Design

A small steering wheel and intuitive controls make these trucks highly suited for maneuverable performance within confined areas of the warehouse.

Extended Service Intervals

The electronic ignition system means you’ll service the Platinum II less often because the recommended times between routine maintenance is longer. And you’ll spend less time doing it because the critical service points — including fluids, filters and belts — are  all readily accessible.

Engine Service Intervals

Operator Comfort

Superior Visibility

A standard high-visibility carriage* and your choice of an OptiView®, triple stage or wide-view mast — together these features produce clear sightlines for both loading and moving.

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Discover the reliable, versatile Platinum II series of IC forklifts available in 3,000 to 8,000 lb. capacities, with an array of available fuel types and options to suit your needs.

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